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ELQA Instructions

Each laboratory determines what test-parameter wants to control. Additionally, each laboratory reports the method and the model of analyzer used for each test-parameter determination.

The ELQA Programs sent to the participating laboratories the appropriate reference materials. The laboratories send the results of their measurements, through the ELQA information system. The ELQA Programs perform the appropriate statistical analysis and exported the reports. The reports are detailed for each test-parameter controlled (see Sample Report).

In ELQA information system, each laboratory has an "account", through which performs all its actions, in particular:

  • Setting and management its profile.
  • Submitting its measurements.
  • Receiving its reports.
  • Storage and archiving the submitted data and its reports.
  • Ask scientific support for quality control issues.

Benefits from a Lab participation in ELQA Programs:

  • Determine the reproducibility of the used methods.
  • Determine the deviation of its measurements from other laboratories.
  • Identify possible sources of error of its measurements.
  • Take corrective actions.
  • Its results considered reliable by other laboratories.
  • To participate in the ISO certification process.
  • To find scientific support for the entire range of laboratory quality assurance issues.

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